Mizuno Hayate 4 Vejl. 1100kr.

295,00 DKK

FASTER. MORE DYNAMIC. STRONGER. Designed and built to give you both performance and explosive pace. The low-slung, aggressive lightweight trail shoe doesn’t compromise on grip or protection. The Michelin outsole gives you incredible grip uphill and swift movement for technical downhill runs. Attack the trail. Michelin rubber outsole design for maximum grip, traction and protection. XtaRide which adapts to the surroundings and works in perfect harmony with the body. Protective and breathable upper construction. BENEFITS Aggressively designed Michelin outsole providing impressive grip Protective and lightweight upper construction ESS Rock Plate in forefoot area TARGET CONSUMER Fast-paced trail runner looking for a lightweight shoe without sacrificing grip and protection.

Levering: 1 - 2 hverdage